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If you're looking to have your hair cut or styled in the Tanglewood area, you've come to the right place. Our team of passionate and talented stylists work with all hair types and can pull of any style you're looking for, from layers to pixie cuts to curl care and everything in between. We also do styling for special occasions, be it your wedding, your prom, or any other event.

To learn more, or to schedule a consultation with one of our friendly and accommodating stylists, dial (832) 732-1348.

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Customized Hairdressing from Expert Stylists

Over the years, our team has learned that no two clients are the same. Every new customer has a different set of expectations and goals for their hair, and we want to find out yours.

When you contact us about booking a haircut or style, we'll schedule a consultation with our team. During this consult, we'll talk to you about your hair, the challenges you have with it, and your goals for the short and long term. Our team will give you guidance and provide you with realistic expectations based on your hair's condition and texture.

Once we have an idea of what you want, we'll choose a stylist for you and book your appointment as soon as possible.

In most cases, we will simply complete a consultation on the day of your first appointment to make things easier!

Tanglewood's Best Hairdresser

Whether you've got a special event around the corner, want to revitalize your personal style, or need a trim, the hairdressers at Ellia Coiffure have you covered. Our talented team of stylists and color specialists offer top-of-the-line hair services that will leave you feeling satisfied and looking stylish. We have the skills and resources to accommodate a range of hair types and have an extensive track record of incredible work.

Over the years, we've serviced countless clients and done everything from stylish pixie cuts to scalp treatments to color transformations. We're passionate about our work and understand the importance of a professional haircut. Being happy with your hair isn't just about how you look-it's about giving you the confidence to be comfortable in your own skin.

Whatever your hair needs, we're confident we'll be able to deliver it and satisfy your expectations.

Comprehensive Hair Options

At Ellia Coiffure, we don't just provide trims and basic haircutting. We offer our clients full-service hair trimming and treatment options and go the extra mile to provide a luxurious, comfortable experience. Whether we're hired for an entire bridal party or touching up the roots of one of our regulars, our team brings the same energy and commitment to every appointment.

We offer a full complement of cutting and styling options, including the following:

  • Style consultations
  • Hair washing and treatment
  • Hair coloring
  • Root touch-ups
  • Trims/cuts
  • Hair extensions
  • Blowouts
  • Event styling
  • ...and much more!

Friendly Style Consultations

Making a drastic change to your hair is a significant decision that deserves time and careful consideration. That's why our team offers friendly style consultations before your haircut. We can walk through options for your specific hair type and the vision you have in mind. Whether you want to completely overhaul your personal style or are thinking about changing your hair color, our hairdressers will walk through the pros and cons of various styles and provide honest feedback.

Our consultations are risk-free with zero obligation, and our talented stylists will walk you through our pricing options and various packages. We're confident we'll be able to give you a haircut you love, and our team will work tirelessly to satisfy your needs.

Experienced Hairdressers

When you get your hair cut, you deserve to receive full service from a hairdresser with experience and a proven track record of quality work. When you partner with Ellia Coiffure for your next hair appointment, that's exactly what you get. Our team has the professional training and passion to handle any style you might throw their way. From new trends to classic cuts, we can do it all.

Hairdressers for All Hair Types

While everyone's hair poses unique challenges, our team appreciates the differences in hair types and can accommodate diverse hair needs. We have a wide array of hair products, and our staff has the professional techniques to work with the following types of hair:

  • Curly
  • Wavy
  • Straight
  • ...and more!

Finding the right hairdresser for your hair type can be challenging, but we're confident our experienced hairdressers will be able to manage your needs.

Elevate Your Look with a Fresh Haircut

At Ellia Coiffure, we know that your hair says a lot about who you are, and if you need a change, we'd be honored to help facilitate it. No matter your hair texture, length, or the condition it's in, our team will work hard to bring the results you'll love – that you'll be excited to show off to family and friends.

We are proud to offer standard haircuts and styling as well as a few specialty services, including

  • hair color
  • Brazilian blowouts
  • Luxury extensions

Get Ready for Your Big Day with Bridal Hairstyling and More

Your wedding day is a big deal, and you want you and your bridal team to look your very best. When you leave wedding day styling in the hands of our expert team, you can expect just that! From updos to gentle waves to hair extensions, we will make your vision come to life.

Competitive Rates at the Area's Best Hair Salon

Our team wants to offer high-quality hairstyling to clients of all backgrounds, and that's why we are proud to offer truly competitive rates.

The cost of your appointment will depend on the kind of service you're looking for, the length of your hair, and the products used, but we'll be happy to provide you with detailed pricing information before we get started on your locks.

Get a Hair Cut that Suits Your Style and Face Shape

Have you been burdened by a lousy haircut in the past? Are you nervous to tell your current stylist you’d like to deviate from their specialty cut? Whatever the case may be, if you’re looking to get a new haircut that suits your face shape and personal sense of style, you’re in the right place.

Whether your face shape is oval, circle, square, heart-shaped, round, or some combination of them all, we’re confident in our ability to help you highlight your best features. Our innovative cuts and coloring options will bring your hair goals to life.

Book a consultation with our stylists, to discuss your ideas in greater detail.

A Hair Designer that Goes Above and Beyond for You

Our hair designers go above and beyond to listen to your goals and take a good look at the example photographs you have on hand. Once we’re sure we understand what you desire, we’ll get to work formulating a plan to make it happen, exactly the way you’d like it to be.

In some cases, your hair type may not align with the style you’d like to have. In this case, we’ll work with you to make adjustments that allow you to wear your hair the way you want, without having to make any sacrifices.

If you’ve had long hair for a very long time, it can be nerve-wracking to think about allowing someone to come near you with scissors. We understand this and work carefully with you to slowly remove small sections of the ends of your hair until you’re satisfied with the result. We promise to ensure you are comfortable with our methods and the process every step of the way.

We’re always up to the task of helping you achieve the ultimate best in personal style. Reach us for a risk-free consultation to discuss your goals.

Partner with a Professional Hair Colorist to Achieve the Look You’ve Always Wanted

Are you dreaming of making a bold change to the color of your hair? Perhaps it’s time to make a transformation that will wow your friends and family and make your coworkers do a second take. Whatever the reason for wanting to alter the color of your strands, we’re here to make it happen with professional formulation and application that ensures the result is what you want and that your hair is protected from damage during the process.

From soft, natural tones to bold, bright colors and everything in between, the depth of our experience and education allows us to deliver outstanding results.

Consult with our team to get inspired by some of our previous work examples.

5 Benefits of Choosing Salon Hair Color

The following are the top 5 benefits you can expect when you choose salon hair color over home coloring options:

  1. We formulate chemicals to deliver precisely the right color and amount of product needed without over saturating hair stands and doing unnecessary damage.
  2. We know which products to use for your hair type and desired outcome.
  3. We are masters at placing color in the correct spots to achieve your desired look.
  4. We mix your color formula with products designed to bond the color to your specific hair type.
  5. If you need emergency repair from a mishap at home, we are masters of color correction.

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